Pro Tips for Peace of Mind: Keep your Cool when things hit the fan

Photo by Shani Barel

Photo by Shani Barel

I have to say, when I started the business, I had no idea what I was getting into.  Time after time, vendors and clients mention how "calm" I am.  But there have been many moments, the first year or two of the business, where I felt overtaken by anger or frustration (let's remember event planning is considered one of the top 10 most stressful jobs).  So I've worked hard to separate my emotions from the job at hand. You can use these tips to stay calm when a family member provokes you, a vendor is driving you crazy, or you're just overall cranky from the stress of planning.

1.  Think, "is this really the worst thing to happen to me right now?" Remember how much of a 'first world problem' it is to be planning your wedding.

2. Isolate the actual problem. Is your dad totally taking over the decisions?  Or is it that you're tired from work and all he did was suggest a silly song for your father/daughter dance?  Focus on the exact problem, and treat just that issue.

3.  When handling an issue, stay calm and promise yourself you can vent later.  If you need to discuss a sensitive matter with someone, and you act belligerent while talking, it'll raise their hackles.  If you stay calm, they will start to back down.  Firmly, even with a smile, insist you need things done a certain way and you're sorry that it doesn't suit them, but you hear them and understand, and respect, their opinion.  After, call your best friend and vent, have a glass of wine. go for a jog.  Do what you can to stay as absolutely calm as you can and you will be grateful you did.