The TV that I Love So Much: My favorite shows

You may have already read how much I looove TV, and being a TV producer in my past life, I'm totally allowed.  It's basically the way I chilled and kept calm throughout the crazy of being a wedding planner.  There is a fine line between tv that soothes, and tv that ennervates. Here's some shows to check out for comfort viewing:

Anything British. Even if someone dies.

British TV shows are THE BEST. Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming are the kings of this stuff.  And even if someone dies (a la BBC murder mysteries), it's all good because calm people with delightful accents are on the case. My favorites: Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Endeavor, Rosemary and Thyme, and Grantchester.  Non-crime related, check out Victoria and of COURSE, Downton Abbey.

Lifestyle Reality Television.

This stuff's my jam - I worked as a TV producer for a few years, on HGTV, FoodTV, and E! content.  I loved it!  (Check out the main show I worked on, Designed to Sell - the best ever, in my humble opinion!)  My new favorite is Tiny House Hunters (I saw a family of 5 - yes, FIVE - squeeze into a house that fit on a driveway).  Other fun reality shows to check out:  Fixer Upper and the Baking Championship series on FoodTV.

The Bachelor still hasn't jumped the shark...even when a shark showed up on the actual show. (ABC)

The Bachelor still hasn't jumped the shark...even when a shark showed up on the actual show. (ABC)


"Can I steal him for a minute?"

So I watched THE OG Bachelor, seasons 1-3 WAYYY long ago and man, have things changed.  The show is a beast now - massive episodes and cray cray contestants, and it's unbelievably hysterical and ridiculous.  When wedding planning gets absurd, this will make you feel like it's a little less absurd after all. For a one-two punch of comedy, be sure to read recap blogs afterwards, especially I Hate Green Beans and Guy in Austin.