Me and Drunk People

So, I've started to preach something very brash at wedding rehearsals:  Please, bridal party, DO NOT DAY-DRINK. If you do, make it champagne or wine or beer- no hard stuff!  I warn them that bridal party members who overindulge too early can commit some pretty serious offenses - from smoking in a shuttle to barfing in the venue - that racks up costs for the bride and groom.  This may sound a little overreaching, but after dealing with too many a-hole drunkies at weddings, I'm totally fine risking offending people.  When dealing with drunk people at weddings, I'm cool as a cucumber, because I've almost literally seen anything - nothing shocks me anymore.

I was watching Dateline (as every true crime fanatic does) and during the interrogation footage, saw how collected and unflappable the detectives were when the ridiculous happened. Below, for all intents and purposes, is me at a wedding, dealing with drunk people.