Guys: Bad teeth used to kill you.

Whenever I get stressed or anxious, I try to think of a basic fact to be VERY grateful.  And here's a gem for you to meditate on: Minor teeth problems basically used to kill you. 

My pearly whites are a little high maintenance, so I have to go every 4 months.  What makes it easier to deal with is I've known my hygienist for years now and she is absolutely delightful to talk to, and also, I remind myself that people used to die from tooth decay.  I shan't get into gory details, but let's just say that what a routine root canal fixes today, was a top killer back in the medieval times.

Whenever I think of time travel (which oddly is often?), I cringe a bit because I'd have to walk around with bad breath if it was back in the dark ages where no one knew about dental hygiene. Ew! When I wake up in the middle of the night (also often), I brush my teeth just to have that fresh feeling before I tucker back into bed.  I would have been that one weird wench constantly chewing on chicory root or mint leaves or whatever to keep things fresh. 

If you've put off your visit to the dentist due to fear, and you know you need to go back (getting your teeth whitened for the wedding?  hopping onto your new spouses' health insurance and eager to take advantage of it?) there is a nonprofit site all about it:  Dental Fear Central.  There are relaxation techniques on the site that do double duty in decreasing any wedding related stress, so check it out. And be thrilled to pieces that we live in a time where modern medicine is top notch.