Funniest Wedding Movies

It's that time of year when I start getting screeners - a looong time ago I came to LA wanting to be an actress, and have still held on to my SAG membership to get these golden nuggets of cinematic goodness - so in that spirit, a list of my favorite funny wedding movies.  They may make you feel a little less alone when overwhelmed with wedding stress.

Father of the Bride - Original

Father of the Bride - The Steve Martin Version - Martin Short mentioned in an interview that Franck, his brilliant wedding planner character, was considered a little too over the top by viewers, but one day he was attending a wedding and saw the male wedding planner walking around in shoes monogrammed with his initials.  So no, he was totally spot on!

Meet the Fockers - a perfectly good screwball comedy about when two families collide. Favorite line:  "Our people don't shoot ducks."

27 Dresses - this is a really sweet rom-com that addresses the ever-suffering repeat bridesmaids' woes. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding - anyone from a family with a very strong cultural point of view will totally relate - I know I did.  The dad and the windex is my favorite part.  I also love the movie's humble beginnings and the star-is-born story of Nia Vardalos.