Humans of New York: Breaking free from Tunnel Vision

From my first time to New York since 9/11.

From my first time to New York since 9/11.

Often, we get caught up in our own thoughts, our own problems, to the point of being solely consumed by them - i.e., tunnel vision. When I was becoming overwhelmed with the stress of both working my crazy schedule and attending to family matters - and struggling to balance both- I would catch myself thinking negatively. I'd stop and breath, and think about all the resources I have - a stable home, a good career - and it shook me out of my ennui. I can steer my own fate, and lots of people in our world, can't.

The Humans of New York project allows you to, at any time when you are down the rabbit hole of wedding planning, learn about how other people are living, what they are struggling with, what little victories they've enjoyed - and bring you a little closer to understanding your fellow human, exercising that empathy muscle. And let's acknowledge that wedding stress IS valid- a problem is a problem - but connecting with others is proven to reduce stress. And even if it's virtually - it's a start.

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