An unexpected smile from a preemie baby

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I was put on bed rest when I was pregnant with my son; he was not growing fast enough in the womb. It was a really scary time, and I thought he was going to be a preemie baby.  He could have had other issues along the way during the pregnancy, too. Well, after laying on my side for days on end eating like a total pig (!) - all turned out well - he was small when born, about 5.5lbs, but was full term and now he's a total BEAST, tallest kid in his class. I didn't know this happy ending would be the case, however, so while on bedrest I turned to the web to look for inspiring stories of preemies as reassurance, in case we had issues.

This story reminds me of that time, and it's so heartening to see.  It's a post of a preemie baby that smiled at 5 days old! Most kids can't even smile at 5 weeks!  The child is now 2 and happy and thriving.  This story makes be grateful for the resilience of kids, and modern medicine that allows them to grow and be healthy.