The book Aisle Survive is the answer to the current obsession with weddings that has infiltrated American culture.  We've always been consumed by the myth of the 'dream wedding,' but like it has with so many things, the internet fetish-ized weddings to the extreme.  With the advent of digital photography and wedding blogs, now the average Jane and Joe's wedding looks more lavish and well appointed than a typical celebrity wedding.  On top of that, the media constantly claims that a couple can have their dream wedding on a tiny budget.  These mixed messages confuse, and exert a lot of pressure on, modern couples - and their families - to have the 'perfect' wedding for a bargain basement budget.

I've been a wedding planner for 7 years now, and I noticed some of my clients become frozen with indecision, belaboring the smallest of details, and wondering why they couldn't plan their weddings for the amount they wanted to spend.  I finally decided to bring some sanity to the process, and Aisle Survive was born.

The blog "A Little Perspective" offers small doses of inspirational and uplifting stories about the world around us, as well as humor, to help you step back and remember what's really important in life.  Having a sense of gratitude has helped me through many a stressful time.  There are also a few good tips in there for staying calm, releasing stress, and capturing some "me" time. 

The blog "Pro Tips for Peace of Mind" collects advice and insight from event industry pros about how to maximize your enjoyment of the planning process and have a clear-eyed view of the truth beyond those glossy images you see online.

I hope you enjoy it and find it an oasis of calm in the craziness of wedding planning!


Dee Gaubert

Owner, No Worries Event Planning